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Use Terraform to build server in VMware

Like Cloud Formation and ARM Templates, Terraform enables the way of Infrastructure as Code to provision resources in Clouds, but it also works with on premise infrastructures like VMware vSphere and NSX. I recently have been working on the automation of on premise server provision process. The goal is to provision a Ubuntu server on our vSphere 6.5 environment with iPerf3 installed and configured. It surprises me that there aren’t many useful resources/examples out there when comes to using Terraform with VMware. Yes, there are tons of blog posts about how to build a VMware VM with Terraform, but almost all of those are just touched on very very basic stuff. I can’t find any good reference for how to install and configuration applications within the VM. Without those, I seriously doubt the value of using IaaC. A simple VMware Template with ClickOps will be way more efficient. I did end up finding a very detailed repo about using Terraform to build a Kubernate cluster in VMware in

Sydney AWS Summit 2019 - My Experience

The past week I attended AWS Summit Sydney for three days. It's such an action packed show. Full of brilliant speakers and tons of interesting workshops. I feel so hard to decide on my agenda. In the end, based on the technologies I am interested in and the relevance to my job these are sessions I went for. AWS Innovation Day Keynote - I was late for it. But still It was good to hear the story of Qantas and learn about how they improve performance and efficiency with AWS. I do have doubts of their ambitious goal about flying customers directly from Australia to US and Europa without a stop. Not sure if I want to stuck in a plane for 20 hours... Maybe it's time for a new Concord!   After Keynote, I went around the "Cloud Zone" to talk to different vendors. Among all the vendors, the one left the best impression with me is CloudHealth from VMware. The ability to provide deep analysis of the current spending and indicate detailed remediation plans are lackin