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Infrastructure as Code with CloudFormation

Recently I was working on a server migration task, which is to move a Windows IIS web server to AWS. The server’s sole purpose is to redirect bunch of the short URLs to some of the most frequently used long URLs. E.g. if user type in “o365/“ in browser, it will be redirected to . Instead of uplifting the whole Windows server to AWS, I have decided to use a Linux server with Apache to replace this box. Other options like ALB, S3 HTTP Redirection and Route 53 were considered. But none of them can redirect short hostname like “o365”. I have also thought about the idea of using container and serverless options, but given all we need is a single redirect service and the a fixed IP is needed for alias lookup, they are not suitable in this case. The Linux server is provisioned through a CloudFormation template. This allows automation of the whole deploy process. Furthermore, any future updates to the Apache service can also be carried out with an update of the Clo