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Understand OAuth and Open ID Connect

IT world is always full of buzz words. “Digital Transformation”, “Automation”, “Blockchain”, “AI”, “Machine Learning”, etc, etc… We like to talk about them all the time, to show that we are not out of touch, we are up to date. Although I have to admit some of those words are used so often yet so few people have the really proper understanding of the actual technologies themselves. I believe OAuth is one of them. It’s a technology we use everyday, yet if you asked a lot of people why we need it and when to use, I bet not many will be able to explain (well). I hope this article can help you understand the technology better. After read it, hopefully you will at least have a basic idea of what OAuth is. First, instead of providing a Wikipedia type definition for the term, let’s look at what particular technical issue OAuth helps us solve. Like many other IT technologies, OAuth become widely adopted largely thanks for the prosperity of Smart Phones. It solves a key security issue came up wh