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On Premise Mailbox user missing in Exchange Online GAL

Ran into an interesting issue with one of our Exchange Online customer. Thought it probably worth sharing with the solution I found. The customer has an Exchange Hybrid setup. Recently some of  Office 365 Exchange Online users complain they cannot email to a particular on premise mailbox: m . The user bascialy does not show up in Exchange Online GAL. The on premise mailbox is working fine and other on premise staff can send emails to it without issue. When I checked Exchange Online, I cannot find the contact object for this account. Initially I thought it could be for some reason the user's on premise AD object has not been synced properly to Office 365. So I tried with recreating the object in Office 365 by moving the on premise AD account to a non-synced OU. This delete the user's Office 365 account. Then I move the on premise account back into its original OU. After re-sync the account back into Office 365, it still refuse to show up in Exchange O

Enable local timestamp on Office 365 SharePoint site

Recently I received some complains from our US users about the timestamp of our SharePoint site hosted in Office 365. The timestamp of the documents and folders on the site are all showing Australia Eastern time for them. It takes me sometime to find out how to allow each individual user to see their local timestamp. This  requires some setting changes from the user end. Here is what needs to be done. 1.          Log into Office 365 SharePoint site and click your name in the top right corner, then the drop down list will appear with  About me  option. 2.          Click  About me , then click  edit  in the next page. 3.          In the next page, click  …  icon next to  Details.  Then select  Language and Region 4.          In the nex t page, under  Choose your settings , select  Always use my personal settings . This will override the SharePoint site settings. Make sure  Time Zone  is set to correct local time zone. 5.          VE